Sexual Health & Contraception


Did you know that we offer a wide range of contraceptive services including coils, Mirena and Implanon as well as the contraceptive pill, patches and injection (Depot Provera).

The long acting reversible methods, (coils, Mirena and Implanon), can be very convenient and are extremely effective, lasting for three or more years but are quickly reversible.

For more information, contact the surgery.

Where do I go for emergency contraception?

  • Victoria Health Centre, for contraception and sexual health, Tel: 0115 950 9151
  • Nottingham Walk-in Centre is open every day including weekends and bank holidays between 7am and 9pm. Seaton House, London Road, Nottingham NG2 4LA Tel: 0115 883 8500
  • Your GP


Patients are initially seen by the doctor. Subsequent care is shared between the midwife and the doctor. Antenatal Clinics are held by the Community midwife.

Cervical Smears

A cervical smear is recommended every 3 years for women ages 25-49, and every 5years for women ages 50-64 who have ever been sexually active. Please make an appointment with a practice nurse or, if you prefer, with one of the doctors.

For more information, click on the link below:

Jo's Trust - Cervical Smears Information

Information for people who find it difficult to attend cervical screening (a smear test).  

HPV Vaccine

This is now being offered to teenage girls between 12 and 18yrs. Visit the NHS Immunisation Schedule page for further information and advice.

24 yrs & Under Sexual Health Screening

Sexual health screening is available to patients aged 14-24 yrs who have no signs of infection. Common sexually transmitted infections can be screened for without the need for an examination. For further information or to make an appointment, telephone the surgery.

Young People & Sexual Health

Staff have been fully trained in providing this sensitive service to young people and we were the first practice in Nottingham to be accredited the 'Young Person Friendly' status by Nottingham City Council. Teenagers are welcome at the surgery where we offer a friendly and strictly confidential service, including sexual health advice and sexual health screening. Common sexually transmitted infections can be screened for without the need for an examination.

All patients, including those under 16 may be seen by a doctor or nurse either alone, with a friend or you may request a chaperone. Every consultation with be dealt with in the strictest confidence.

Nottingham City C-Card Scheme

We also operate the C-Card scheme, which means, that once you have registered for the scheme, we are able to provide free condoms together with other registered sites across the city. For additional information click here.

A C-Card is a plastic card that lets you get free condoms from a number of pick-ups points across the city.

To get a C-Card you must be aged 13 to 25 years and all we need is your date of birth, and your postcode. This information is confidential and will be used for research purposes only. Just drop in and ask for a C-Card where you see the 'C-Card' sign.

Use the C-Card to get free condoms from any registration and pick-up points across the city.

How do I know where the C-Card points are?

You can call Sexwise which is a free confidential helpline offering sexual health advice aimed at 12 to 18 year olds. Call SEXWISE on 0800 28 29 30, Monday to Saturday, 7pm to 12 midnight. (This is a freephone number, if called from a landline it will not show up on a phone bill.) An up-to-date list of c-card points can be picked up from any C-Card point and SEXWISE. Or visit the C-Card site here

Why do I need to use condoms?

Condoms should be used for vaginal, anal and oral sex to protect against sexually transmitted infections (STIs) such as Chlamydia, Gonorrhoea, Genital Warts, Genital Herpes, and HIV amongst others, and to prevent unintended pregnancies. STIs are much more common than you may think and often there are no symptoms.

Where do I go if I think I have got an STI?

  • The Nottingham City Hospital GUM Dept Clinic for full sexual health screening: Appointments - 0115 962 7744. This service is available to everyone at Gate 2, Hucknall Road, Nottingham NG5 1PB
  • Contraception and Sexual Health at Victoria Health Centre, for Chlamydia testing and advice, - Tel: 0115 950 9151
  • The Health Shop, for advice and support, Tel: 0115 947 5414
  • NHS Direct for your nearest sexual health clinic, Tel: 0845 46 47
  • National AIDS Helpline Tel: 0800 567 123 ....For advice about services and clinics.