Weight Management Support

Start a healthy lifestyle and take control of your weight


  • Do you live in Nottingham city?
  • Are you motivated to lose weight?
  • Are you also committed to taking part in a 12-week 'getting healthy' programme? 


If you have said yes to these questions, then there are services available to help you begin controlling your weight in a way that feels comforable for you. 

These free services are available across Nottingham city, and offer a self-referral registration for those eligiable - you will not have to be referred by your doctor. Below are the services available for Nottingham City residents. 

slimming world

Slimming World

Are you:

  • Aged 18+

Do you have: 

  • A BMI of 25 or more (23 or more for BAME patients)

If you’d like face to face group sessions looking at healthy eating and diet – some focus on physical activity, then maybe Slimming World is for you 

  • Weekly sessions at accessible locations across Nottingham city.
  • People who have attended for 12 weeks and losing weight can get another 12 weeks free to achieve their target weight

 To start your registration for your FREE 12-week, click here. Those who do not have internet access can call 01773 546055.

Notts County Foundation

Are you:

  • Aged 35-65?

Do you have:

  • a BMI of 28 or more? 
  • a waist measurement of 31 inches or more (females) / 37 inches or more (males)?

If you'd like face to face group sessions for physical activity, with some focus on healthy eating & diet advice, then FIT Magpies may be for you.

  • 12 week programme based at Portland Leisure centre, Meadows & other venues
  • Weekly group physical activity sessions and a classroom element using a workbook

To registered to the free programme email Chris Riley on chris.riley@nottscountyfitc.org.uk

Ring on 07949 869020

Or visit www.efltrust.com/fitfans/

Oviva App

Are you:

  • Aged 18+

Do you have: 

  • A BMI of 30 or more (27.5 or more for BAME patients)

If you'd prefer app and/or telephone support - following a personal plan, then maybe Oviva is for you.

  • Telephone-only or digiitally enabled care option using the NHS approved Oviva app (offered in 23 languages)
  • 12-week personally designed programme offering coaching sessions via the Oviva App, interactive group-based sessions, or phone calls with dietitians/health coach is preferred.

To start your free registration, please call 02076 224777

Or click here to visit the online sel-referral

Weight Management During Pregnancy

If you are pregnant and would like to find out more about healthy weight during pregnancy, please speak to your midwife/GP reception about the Slimming World programme, or visit the Ask Lion website here